About US


Basic Brands has a long history of offering the most innovative vitamins and supplements, and we seek to achieve one goal – to reduce the confusion surrounding which supplements are important and which are best for a specific need. We strive to simplify the process of creating your vitamin and supplement routine through the creation of online tools like our wellness survey, and by publishing relevant and informative content in our blog.

Since our beginning, every action that is executed at Basic Brands is focused on providing the best products to help people live a strong, healthy, best life. Our deep-rooted knowledge in the vitamin and supplement space has allowed us to launch products that are unique and meet the needs of our customers. For example, at a time when very few people knew the power of zinc in warding off the common cold, we developed and launched our top-performing Zinc Defend Lozenges, which are still on the market today over 30 years later. Other original products include our Aller-Vite nasal support tablets, providing natural relief from allergies, and our cult-favorite Vitamin E Ointment, which has recently been featured in this celebrity's skincare routine

 Smart. Simple. Custom.