Unlike many brands in the health and wellness space today, Basic Brands has a long history of offering the most innovative and effective vitamins and supplements.  Our owner, Scott Johnson, is known as one of the early pioneers in the health and wellness supplement arena.

Scott was introduced to vitamins and supplements and the role it plays in our health by his father, Jacob Johnson, who was a store manager for Sears & Roebuck in Indiana.  His father was responsible for opening the first-ever natural health food and vitamin department inside Sears. Influenced by his father’s belief in the benefits of natural health, Scott soon began his legacy in the health and wellness space in the early 1970’s.

Years of launching and running major retail health chains and a successful franchiser of 28 health and nutrition branded retail stores, Scott is no novice as a leader in the health and wellness space. In 1985 Scott acquired Basic Organics  beginning its long and recognized success in helping people live their most strong, healthy and vibrant life ever. In 2020, Basic Organics rebranded to Basic Brands Inc. to incorporate its family of sub brands.

With a strong belief in always “sharpening the saw”, Scott never lets the grass grow under his feet.  He has served on numerous boards, including the Natural Products Association (formerly the NNFA), MAHO (Mid-American Health Organization) and played a pivotal role in getting DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act) passed in Congress.

Basic Brands is proud to be a family-owned company for over 35 years with the second generation, Patrick Johnson – Scott’s son, stepping into the family business to continue fulfilling the mission of helping people live their strongest, healthiest life.

With a robust portfolio of health and wellness brands, our family offers you customized, nutrition solutions for your current lifestyle.  Our goal is to provide you with a personalized vitamin and mineral supplement regimen that supports your healthy lifestyle, taking you to the next level and achieving your optimal healthy through our nutritional brands: Basic Brands Generic, Achieve, PowerAll, Basic Organics, Pura Salud, Cleanz Blendz, and Harvest of Nature.