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Unlike many brands in the health and wellness space today, Basic Brands® has a long history of delivering the most innovative and effective vitamins and supplements. From the beginning, our family believed that optimal health begins with getting the fundamentals right, or as we like to call it, the “basics.”  We believe these are the critical building blocks needed to create a harmonious relationship between your personal health needs, goals and lifestyle. We are passionate about our commitment to using quality ingredients you can trust and manufacturing all of our products in the USA. Each of our Basic Brands® nutritional supplements is thoughtfully developed to provide the support and nourishment your body craves throughout your life.

We are more than just another vitamin and supplement brand.

We believe in providing you with solutions that go beyond what’s expected in the health and wellness space.  We believe in providing you with personalized solutions!  For over 35 years, Basic Brands® has focused on growing its innovative supplements to support your health and wellness goals. Instead of being a “Me Too” vitamin and mineral brand, our years of success resulted in offering a more holistic approach to nutrition by offering you a customized regimen that supports your health journey and pushes you to achieve your goals.

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