Smart. Simple. Custom.


After years of working in this space, Basic Brands owner, Scott Johnson, witnessed one reoccurring challenge that consumers had when seeking to begin a healthy vitamin and supplement regime: confusion. Confusion of what products were the most important ones to take and which were the best for a specific need – these were always the questions people had. Shelves lined with hundreds of products choices, but no clear roadmap of what was right for each individual, their lifestyle or health goals. Scott set out to change this, and as a result, disrupted the norm of how consumers shop for vitamins and health supplements. How did Basic Brands do this? Two words: Customize & Simplify.

Most people want to be healthy, but don't have the time, energy, or resources to take a college course or watch endless YouTube videos on the what, why, when, and how of vitamins and health supplements. That's where Basic Brands comes in with tools to simplify the process and help create a customized vitamin and supplement regime based upon your lifestyle, current health and health goals. Simplify the basic steps to living a stronger, healthier life, and all of the results will follow.  Since its beginning, every action that is executed at Basic Brands is focused on providing the best products to help people live a strong, healthy, best life.  Smart. Simple. Custom.

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