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Feel ok must be helping

been using powerall for 25 years

it sez it all with Powerall.

Great Product

Long delivery time

Package mailed Dec 5. Arrived today, Dec 18.

Good product



I have been using Powerall for more than 35 years. I rely on its great formula for my great health at 85 years !!

great get up and go

I have been taking this product for over 20 years and when I have run out twice, I could feel it and made more trips to the mail box looking for it. it is better than any other vitamin out there.

EyeScience Dry Eye Formula


Been taking power all for 30 plus years. People tell me I look mid seventies, when I am actually a few months short of ninety! Can’t argue with that result.

I’m happy with the vitamins

EyeScience Macular Health Formula

By far, it is the best supplement for those of us who are fighting vision loss from degenerative macular. The product makes a great difference in my vision abilities. I have recommended your product to many people.

Great product!

My husband has had ARMD for many years and until very recently did well on the Macular Health product. His eyesight has deteriorated recently and his ophthalmologist is trying a new injectable medication which we hope will help.
My husband went many years without needing injections and we attributed that to his taking the Macular Health Formula religiously.

Excellent product

We are very happy with this eye product.

It seems to work

Years ago my husband was diagnosed with macular degeneration and started taking these pills. The condition did not progress.


The product is the best! The delivery time would have been wonderful if the product had not been dropped off at the wrong shipping office. The package was dropped off at the United States Postal Service Office when I paid for direct shipping online. The US postal service charged me an added fee for them to deliver it. Not a charge that I was expecting after paying for shipping online. The review would have been 5 stars, if I did not have to pay for shipping again, when it was not my fault.

Formula Review

These eye vitamins are working. My eye checkups have gone very well, and I have been remaining dry so far. The lower dosage of zinc has made it possible to remain on them. I just received my 9/19 shipment Saturday (11 days to get here) but I still had a supply to take. These shipments are taking longer to get here. No fault of yours. Just an incompetent USPS.

It works!

I take 2 to 3 capsules per day and it relieves all of the dry eye symptoms. This is much better than eye drops.

MsTrol Review

My mother at my age (85) was legally blind due to macular degeneration
I have been taken your product for more than 10 years and even though I was diagnosed as having years ago I can still read without glasses.


My optometrist recommended that I take it.

Morning relief

I don’t wake up with burning dry eyes every morning. It really helps me.

Keep up the good work

I have been doing business with Power All for many years Thank you for the great service I am on the monthly plan now

EyeScience Macular Health Formula

Khursheed Hussain

I am taking this Formula for last 11 years to help save my left eye. and it is working.

3 stars

I rather have the Strawberry Lipz ointment instead. it was awesome for over 20 years for my lips.

Macular review.

I see my doctor next month. I will know more then. It’s a very easy pill to swallow and as far as I can tell my vision doesn’t seem to be deteriorating.