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My eye surgeon recommended Dry Eye Formula about five years ago. I truly believe it has helped keep my chronic dry eyes from getting worse.

Eye Macular vitamins

I’ve been taking Eur Macular for quite a few years now on the recommendation of my retina/Vitreo specialist. He rarely recommends supplements so these have to be quite good!

Good stuff that works1

A doctor recommended AREDS vitamins to me a number of years ago. After not always finding them at Walmart or my local drugstore I located a predecessor company and began to order. Since then I am pleased to report that my exams are good and any hint of macular degeneration has not advanced. I am on a prescheduled deliver and will continue to do so since they WORK so well.And the cost is not unreasonable.

EyeScience Macular Health Formula

Great product and service

I’ve been receiving my pills fo help prevent macular degeneration for many years, and so far I don’t have macular degeneration.

High Quality with super ingredients

A zinc supplement with propolis and vitamin c. Tastes great. Perfect in my opinion.

Allergy sufferer

This seems to be working. I live in Florida where there is pretty much year round pollen.

Ciao, Insomnia

Finally, I'm no longer a nocturnal animal.