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Happy Customer

i've been taking Power-All Vitamins since the mid-90s. I feel great , good energy .

I couldn't live without it!

E Ointment

I've been using E Ointment for a few decades now. I love the scent. It's perfect for bug bites and minor cuts and scraped.


My doctor recommended and Ive been taking now for several years. I see better now,

So I’ve only begun taking it…send me this questioniare in August after I get my yearly doctor exam….Ill be more than happy to fill it out...


I’ve been taking your dry eye supplements for approximately 3 months now. I do think they are helping me. Lately I have cut back on my nighttime dry eye gel drops as well as the ones I use every morning. I’m using fewer drops in each eye both evening and morning.

So far it seems to be helping me get a good nights sleep!

Gives me strength.

My husband and I both take them we have been taking them for 23 yrs.They helped us in all sickness YOU need to try them.

Don't Have to Buy At My Doctor's Office

I am able to buy all the eyesight-improvement supplements from Basic Brands rather than my doctor's office. Not only do they cost slightly more at the doctor's office, I get them from Basic Brands on a regular basis, thus don't have to remember to pick them up when I have a doctor appointment. They are here, waiting for me when I run out. It's simply more convenient. The $ savings are a plus.

Basic Brands L-Lysine Ointment

Excellent product

The Basic Brands Vitamin E ointment is very effective at healing and soothing irritated skin tissue. The lavender scent is soft, barely noticeable when using the product. I definitely recommend this Vitamin E ointment if you need moisturizing that also helps heal scars, dry skin, etc.


Love this item!

It is a great product. I just started to use this two weeks ago. It is showing lmprovements in my left eye.

works way better than eye drops!

It's amazing just by taking these 3 capsules (mostly fish oil) nightly, my dry eye now makes it's own natural tears. I no longer need to use eye drops, My doctor also says that the fish oils in the Dry Eye Science capsules are helpful for heart health too.

EyeScience Macular Health Formula

Expensive but good quality

Macular Health

I have been using EyeScience Macular Health Formula for many years on the recommendation of my eye doctor. It has allowed me to maintain my eye health and keep my eyes healthy without any signs of AMD. The autoship feature ensures I always have these vitamins available and never miss a dose.

Shipping was fast!!! Great seller!

High Potency D3

I’m very grateful that Omax makes this product. I didn’t know you could get in high potency tablets. Since I started taking it, I feel better. I know my body now is receiving the right amount that it needs. The difference is like day and night. Thank you

Macular Eye Health

Very pleased with the results using this

Eye Science Formula

Your quality and delivery are always predictably excellent…. trustworthy.

Basic Brands Vitamin E Ointment, Clove

Solid product.

I’ve been taking for several years & don’t get the floaters I used to get.

Macular Degeneration

Macular runs in my family, grandmother, mother and 2 aunts were legally blind before their deaths. Mothers Dr. Recommended eye vitamins for decendants. I've been using EyeScience Macular Health Formula for several years, but they are hard to find in Pharmacies near my home. Thrilled to find them through mail order. I'm 65 and so far, so good at eye check ups. Thank you.