Nutrition Solutions for your Patients' Lifestyle Goals
Basic Brands has proudly manufactured the following lines right here in the U.S.A. for 35+ years:
Products that support your patients' health journeys
Basic Brands has a long history of offering the most innovative vitamins and supplements, and we seek to achieve one goal - to reduce the confusion surrounding which supplements are important and which are best for a specific need.
Focused on providing everyday solutions for personal health needs, goals, and lifestyle
The Basic Organics® Brand is focused on providing everyday solutions for your personal health needs, goals and lifestyle using the highest quality, USDA Certified Organic ingredients.
A U.S based ocular nutrition line focused on eye healh and education
EyeScience is a U.S. based ocular nutrition company focused on eye health and education. This line of products incorporates more than two decades of ocular research, resulting in nutritional supplements which benefit those with macular degeneration, as well as individuals taking proactive measures to protect their eyes from the impact of oxidative stress.
High quality vitamins, minerals, and supplements designed for Diabetic Support*
The Achieve® Brand is focused on providing a complete solution system of high quality, vitamins, minerals and supplements specifically designed for Diabetic Support.
A leading, go-to multivitamin since 1934
Since 1934, POWERALL® has been a leading, go-to multivitamin for people looking for a maximum strength vitamin and mineral supplement. POWERALL® is a unique, revolutionary multivitamin that is fortified with essential vitamin K and antioxidant rich lutein and L-glutathione.